Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preorders for Gundam Cafe special goods

The Gundam Cafe recently opened its doors in the neighbourhood of Akihabara. Beside the original menus that are served there, exclusive Gundam goods are also to be found in the cafe.
Since we will spending a short while in Japan in early August, we're opening preorders for those exclusive goods, on top of the different festivals we'll be attending.

The rules to preorder are identical to those of the festival :

- Please contact us at and let us know what item you are interested in.

- The waiting list will be established following an order of priority. The first people who contacted us will be the first served.

- We will request you to make an advance payment of 1000 yen by Paypal, whatever the contents of your order.

- Once we have the items in hand, we will contact you by e-mail.
You will have 24 hours to pay the total amount (item + shipping by EMS or Small Packet registered) by Paypal (this is the only means of payment we will accept !!).
If you fail to confirm your order within that timeframe, your request will be deleted from our waiting list and the product will be offered to another customer.

- The item will be shipped immediately after payment, directly from Japan.

- You can ask us to declare whatever you want on the shipping slip for customs (gift, second-hand, lower amount, etc).

- In case we are unable to obtain all the desired quantities for certain items, your advance payment will of course be refunded.

Goods :

- Gundam Cafe Haroll (rolled creamy cake with Haro pattern)

Our price : 1900 yen (shipping non included)

- Gundam Cafe Ningyou Yaki (small bakeries in the shape of Gundam characters, 6 pieces per box)

Our price : 1300 yen (shipping non included)

- Haro Crunch Choco (9 pieces per box)

Our price : 1300 yen (shipping non included)

- Gundam Cafe Cheese Pie (20 pieces per box)

Our price : 1500 yen (shipping non included)

- Rice crackers (6 pieces per box)

Our price : 1000 yen (shipping not included)

- Great Zerif Cookies (8 pieces per box)

Our price : 1000 yen (shipping not included)

- Jaburo Coffee (200g)

Our price : 1900 yen (shipping not included)

- Gundam Cafe Coasters (set of 6)

Our price : 700 yen (shipping not included)

- Sensai 3.2 (transparent film with Gundam logo)

Our price : 900 yen (shipping not included)

- Metal decoration plate with Gundam pattern (to stick onto a gaming console)

Our price : 900 yen (shipping not included)

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