Sunday, December 20, 2009

IN STOCK ! Gundam 00 - Robot Damashii Trans-Am Gundam Clear Version (JAP) - Tamashii Nation 2009

13 cm. Manufactured by Bandai.

Brought back by us from the Tamashii Nation 2009 fair, where it was exclusively sold.

Buy this item and get the "Full Armor Gundam Mini Figure" (clear ver.) that was distributed at the entrance of the convention, for FREE !

IN STOCK ! Soul of Chogokin GX-24N Naked Version Tamashii Nation 2009 (JAP)

Approx. 20 cm. Manufactured by Bandai.

Collectible piece brought back by us from the Tamashii Nation 2009 fair !!

IN STOCK ! Gurren Lagann Ichiban Kuji Premium - Lordgenome

28 cm. Manufactured by Banpresto.

Ichiban Kuji is a particularly prestigious collection from Banpresto. Those items can only be won through a lottery in Japan, meaning they rapidly become very much sought-after collectibles. Gurren Lagann is the third series to be graced with the "Premium" treatment after Code Geass and Macross Frontier.

IN STOCK ! Ikki Tousen - Shimei Ryomou DVD BOX China Dress (red) - Special Miyazawa Edition.

Manufactured by Griffon Enterprises

Special Miyazawa Edition.

In the regular version, Ryomou wears a blue dress.

IN STOCK ! Ikki Tousen - Unchou Kanu DVD BOX China Dress (light blue) - Special Miyazawa version.

Manufactured by Griffon Enterprises

Special Miyazawa version.

In the regular version, Kanu wears a red dress.

IN STOCK ! Getter Robot - Soul of Chogokin GX-06G1 Comic-Con (Limited Edition)

18 cm. Manufactured by : Bandai.

Sold exclusively during the american convention Comic-con 2008 (sticker of authenticity) and limited to 500 copies.

The body color is chrome silver.

PREORDER Hangry & Angry - 2 XL Plush Toys

Size : 35 cm each

Manufactured by Taito

Note : this item being an arcade prize produced in relatively limited quantities, it is strongly recommended to preorder.