Thursday, January 25, 2018

Update to our forwarding policy

Since we are faced with an increasing number of parcels arriving to our facilities without a ticket to match them, and that sometimes lie around for months without being claimed, we have no choice but to modify our policy concerning unclaimed parcels :
- instead of 6 months as has been our rule so far, unclaimed parcels will now be kept in storage for one month only. After one month, if there is no ticket and no communication from the customer , we will consider the parcel abandoned and will discard its contents at our discretion.

Also, we would like to kindly remind our customers about a few basic rules of our service :
- a ticket should always be opened before we start receiving matching shipments. More parcels can be added later on in the comments box if necessary, as long as the bill hasn't been issued.
- the comments box of the ticket should contain the number of expected parcels and their respective senders. Again, that information can be updated if necessary.
- we kindly ask customers not to use kanji for their name, unless the name in question is of japanese origin. It will make it basically impossible for us to decipher what's on the label. Please use katakana if letters are not allowed.

We thank all customers in advance for their cooperation so we can keep offering a smooth, price-competitive service.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update about SAL shipments

We are sorry to inform our customers that the situation with SAL shipments bound for France, Spain and the Netherlands has not improved. Collection of those parcels is still suspended and no change is planned in the very near future.
In the worst case scenario, this situation could continue until spring time.

As a consequence, and since we are starting to lack storage room, we are kindly asking our customers to have their orders upgraded to another shipping method of their choice : Airmail, EMS or Fedex (some restrictions may apply).
Please contact us to let us know what your choice is. This applies both to orders that are currently in storage and orders that are about to become available.
Orders for which we receive no communication will be automatically upgraded to the cheapest available method.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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