Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Note on prohibited items (forwarding service)

From September 1, Japan Post has started to enforce increasingly stringent rules regarding items that may or may not be shipped overseas. All companies attempting to ship prohibited items may be fined upwards of 500,000 yen. In that light, we would like to remind our customers that the following types of products cannot be shipped overseas, without any exception.

Flammable items, among which :
  •  lighters/zippo, even non-filled.
  • nail polish
  • perfume / eau de toilette
  • hair dye
  • paint
  • ALL lotions (including lotions for adult toys)
  • ALL sprays
Items containing a lithium battery, among which :
  • mobile phones
  • USB chargers
  • all recent portable and non-portable gaming consoles
Perishable foods (candies and dry foods are okay)

Any kind of weapon

Narcotics, including medication. Vitamins and supplements are acceptable.

We are counting on our customers' cooperation to not ship any of the above. We would also like to remind everyone that the nature of the contents as well as the sender should always be stated in the comments box, especially in the case of original packaging. Thank you for your understanding.